What if I have a pet emergency?

**We are NOT able to offer emergency services.** In the event of a medical or major surgical emergency with your pet(s), we recommend the following Veterinary clinics that are fully equipped and staffed 24/7 to treat emergencies:

 -Metairie Small Animal Hospital (Metairie, LA): www.msah.com

 -Avenue Animal Wellness + ER (Uptown New Orleans): www.avenuevet.com
 -MedVet Medical & Cancer Centers for Pets (Metairie, LA): www.medvetohio.com/new-orleans
 -Riverlands Animal Hospital (LaPlace, LA): www.riverlandsanimalhospital.com

What's different about a Veterinary House Call?

When the Veterinarian comes to you, there is no overcrowded, chaotic waiting room to make your pet(s) feel anxious or fearful. Prior to your visit, you won't have to struggle to force your feline into a kennel for travel. You and your pet will be more relaxed because your home is a familiar environment with no exposure to other sick pets. An in-home Veterinary consultation also adds convenience and access to care in the event that it is difficult for you or your pet to travel to a Veterinary clinic for non-emergency services.

What if my pet needs surgery?

Surgery is not performed in the home. We currently partner with a local Veterinary Hospital to be able to provide such services with care for your pet in a sterile, modern surgical facility using appropriate anesthetic protocols and monitoring equipment. If desired, your pet can be picked up on the morning of the surgery and returned home that same evening.  Some surgical services provided include (but are not limited to): spay, neuter, mass removals/biopsies, bladder stone removal, and laceration/wound repairs. 

**We DO NOT perform feline declawing, canine ear cropping, or canine tail docking procedures** All dental procedures are referred to trusted local Veterinary Hospitals for expert care. 

Do I need to do anything to prepare for my appointment?

If you have kitties that are scared of new people in the home, then please confine them to a small room or bathroom 5 minutes prior to your appointment time to prohibit them from playing "hiding go seek" when we arrive. Also, due to the inherent nature of a mobile Veterinary practice and road hazards that may occur, please allot for a window of time approximately 30 minutes before and after your scheduled appointment time for any unforeseen delays. You will be notified if we will arrive more than 5 minutes early or if delays will exceed 15 minutes.