What's different about a Veterinary House Call?

When the Veterinarian comes to you, there is no overcrowded, chaotic waiting room to make your pet(s) feel anxious or fearful. Prior to your visit, you won't have to struggle to force your feline into a crate for travel. You and your pet will be more relaxed because your home is a familiar environment with no exposure to other sick pets. 

Do I need to do anything to prepare for my appointment?

If you have kitties that are scared of new people in the home and are prone to hiding, then please confine them to a small room or bathroom (or a room without a bed to hide under!) 5 minutes prior to our arrival to prohibit them from playing "hiding go seek" with us.

If your dog or cat has a history of aggression at the Vet's office, it's ok! Please be honest about it up front so that we can keep ourselves safe. There are medications that can be prescribed for such issues to help make the visit a happier one for your pet.


​Punctuality Disclaimer: Please read this!

Due to patients that may need a little more time and road hazards that may occur, please allot for a window of time approximately 30-45 minutes before and after your scheduled appointment time for any unforeseen delays. You will be notified if we will arrive more than 10 minutes early or if arrival delays will exceed 15 minutes. Please be understanding of the fact that this is a fully mobile service that deals with animals (some of which aren't always agreeable and require more understanding and patience!), and things happen on the roads to cause delays some of the time. It's the nature of the business model. Any negative Yelp, Google, Facebook, etc. reviews regarding punctuality within the confines of the above stated disclaimer WILL NOT BE TOLERATED, because it simply isn't fair to impose strict time expectations on this type of business. It is statistically impossible for us to be on time 100% of the time. If the possibility of any arrival delays isn't acceptable to you, that's ok- we all have different preferences! If that is the case, then perhaps we aren't a good match for you and you should seek other Veterinary care options.

What if I have a pet emergency?

**We DO NOT offer emergency services for any pets.**In the event of a medical or major surgical emergency with your pet(s), they need the services of a hospital (in much the same way that humans do in the same situation). We recommend the following Veterinary clinics that are fully equipped and staffed to treat emergencies 24/7:

 -Avenue Animal Wellness + ER (Uptown New Orleans): www.avenuevet.com (504) 265-8659
 -MedVet New Orleans (Metairie, LA): medvetforpets.com (504) 835-8508